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An All Star Reno: Music - Part I

Disney's All-Star Music Resort is a value resort in the Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort Area. Premiering in the 1994, this Resort celebrates music with larger than life icon. Throughout the years, the Intermission Food Court, Room Interiors, additional Family Suites, and building paint. Sadly, not much has been done to update the resorts' aesthetic since it's opening, causing it to look and feel as one of the most outdated resorts on Disney Property. This blog post hopefully covers a lot of those pop culture updates to make it more "In Style" and compete with newer hotels on 192 and near the Walt Disney World Area.

After walking out of the lobby past the giant silver star, you notice the first big renovation to the Resort, the conversion of Calypso to the world of Pixar's movie Coco.

The Guitar pool is refurbished, with new markings on the floor to resemble the guitar of Hector, while the pool coping tiles are replaced with new, elongated tiles to compliment a fresher feel from the current 90s tiling.

The centerpiece of the main pool shows Miguel and Hector preforming on a stage with fountains surrounding, creating a natural barrier for children form the statues.

Further back, guests find at the head of the guitar the kiddie pool of the resort, which has also been refurbished to match Hector's guitar. This pool changes shape from a normal guitar head to a skull shape like the movie. A statue of Dante can be found on the side of the kiddie pool, splashing water at children as they play.

The Pool’s Laundry area will be transformed using paint and new roofing to resemble Rivera Shoe store.

Rooms in this area will be transformed entirely into Family Suites. The new paint scheme for the area resembles the color schemes of Coco with dark navy and bold colors. The white on the newly covered handrails resemble music sheets and are similar throughout the resort keeping the areas fluid with each other.

The decision to fully mask the handrails was for safety and cosmetic updates. The Larger-than-Life statues featured are our favorite Alebrijes, Pepita and Dante. The Staircase Exterior has been modified as well, eliminating the Bongos and featuring Sugar Skulls.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for Part II, where we Remodel the Jazz section of the Resort.

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