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Dynamos: A Mamma Mia Themed Bar

Fun, Music, and Exploration await you at this hidden Greek Island bar inspired by the hit musical, Mamma Mia!

This bar is located on the water’s edge of Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando.

A Musical Adventure to the Island of Kalokairi

Immerse yourself in the music of ABBA in a bar on Greek Island of Kalokairi. Owned by Sophie Sheridan, this bar was adopted and renamed Dynamos, to be in parallel with the Hotel Bella Donna nearby, as a tribute to her late mother’s music group, Donna and the Dynamos. Sophie wanted this to be a place where travelers can come from all walks of life to enjoy dance, music, and adventure.

All around you are letters from friends and family about memories of the island, bar, and other escapades.

Watch in wonder as the walls and ceiling start to change color and a disco ball drops as you sip on drinks inspired by the characters’ journeys. Travelers can also test their music style during karaoke hours, where they can go on stage as Donna and the Dynamos did in their prime, which features songs from the 60s, 70s, and the Musicals for choice.

Severs get in on the fun as well, you may see while you’re there:

· A Server starting to make a speech to the background of “Take A Chance on Me” when a Rosie’s Pink Vodka Lemonade is brought out.

· Servers coming out in Scuba gear to drop off the “Lay All Your Love on Me” drink.

· The use of other props such as a guitar, boas, boat captain hats, and much more!

Waterloo Brews

Bold travelers can test their courage by splitting Bill’s Boat – a 54 glass ship full of beer for the entire table. If you’re interested in a solo act, try Tanya’s Blood Orange Margarita, Donna’s ___, or Rosie’s Pink Vodka Lemonade.

Drinks inspired by the music of ABBA are also present, such as Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Kisses of Fire, and the edible, glitter-infused drink named Super Trooper, the strongest drink on the menu. Other drinks come in custom themed glasses, such as “Lay All Your Love on Me” put a sharable spin on a classic Sex on the Beach drink served in a SCUBA google inspired glass.

The Winner Takes the Appetizers

If you’re hungry from your previous travels, Dynamos also features appetizers. Order chicken and lamb skewers, spicy stuffed peppers with Greek Cheese, or Tiropita. To share something for the table, try the Tzatziki platter, which features chicken and lamb skewers, Tiropita, various vegetables, and pita chips.


Overall, a visit to Dynamos is a great bar experience for tourists and locals in the Orlando area to escape at the end of the day and enjoy a uniquely Greek atmosphere with a fun premise.

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