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Jordan: A New Pavilion at EPCOT

Enter the rich Country of Jordan!

Gazing across the World Showcase Lagoon, salt has accumulated on rocks from the Dead Sea. As you face towards the Pavilion, a beautiful recreation of Jordan’s contemporary architecture of Le Royal Hotel Amman faces it’s ancient history with the City of Petra looming in it’s background. To the right, guests are beckoned further in the Pavilion, with voices of a bustling market behind Roman Ruins of the Citadel, complete with naturalistic beauty of Ma'in Hot Springs waterfall in the distance.

Souk Jara

Themed after the actual Market in Amman, Jordan. This shop sells various curios and merchandise.

Tents sell items depending on the handicraft item. Festival Booths are also found here during Flower and Garden, Food and Wine, and Festival of the Holidays.

Indiana Jones: And the Chase of the Panama Hat

The story is set in 1937, in between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, where Indiana Jones has recently recovered ancient Roman texts revealed to show the map to the home of the gods, Olympus. Before sending these back to the National Museum, Jones had offered to give a lecture on these new findings to fellow archeologists within the area of Ma'in Hot Springs.

The Queue: Guests wander through twisting and turning overbearing rockwork and brush. You can see small notes of Indiana’s camp nearby, with tents, supplies, and even horses (which are featured, lifelike Audio-Animatronics).

The Pre-Show: Guests walk into a movie tent that features old movie newsreels describing Dr. Jones’ latest discovery: a map to Olympus. The news reel also details his struggle trying to beat a team of archeological tomb bounty hunters, whose goal is to sell top price artifacts for profit from high paying bidders. This group is led by the minor villain in the Last Crusade’s introduction, the man with the Panama Hat. By finding this discovery, Jones has been successful at reaching the map first, hoping this lecture will lead to more profits for future research at the current site.

The Pre-Show Slides are cut short by Sallah, who announces Panama Hat’s team has stolen the map and Indiana has gone after them. Salah then asks everyone in the lecture tent for assistance, and to go after the thieves, as the motorbikes will be in the outside waiting.

The Attraction: As guests are ushered to the 2-passenger, rusty, “motorbikes” (ride vehicles), they have the option of either riding the back or sitting in the sidecar. The motorcycles push into the road as they follow tracks, dodge traffic, and travel around: The Sunset of the Dead Sea, Petra Ruins, and The Mujib Nature Reserve. We finally catch up with Panama Hat’s flunkies, in the nightfall of the Wadi Rum Desert. This is a thrilling, explosive, finale.

Technical Advancements Attraction Vehicles are a newly advanced sister technology of the EMV Technology seen in attractions like Dinosaur and Indiana Jones Adventure. A motorcycle-type vehicle is retrofitted on a simulator base, with pipes and valves that allow motion in the front wheel and handlebars, creating the sense of twisting vehicle direction of the vehicle into scenery, as well as “popping a wheelie” sending as guests progress through a storyline.

Like the Flight of Passage ride system, guests will also be able to feel a faux “vibration” of the motor vehicle, simulating an acceleration in speed or a revving engine. The safety strapping is identical to ride vehicles in TRON.

The Bedouin Camp

A beautiful indoor setting for several notes of traffic. Here you will find: The Wadi Rum Restaurant, Bedouin Tea & Coffee, and Sallah’s Tent & Traveler Gifts

The Wadi Rum Restaurant

Step into perpetual twilight as the nighttime ambiance of the Wadi Rum Desert. Enjoy the flickering lights on the table as you spot guests entering the Wonders of Jordan, as a glorious aroma of slow roasted meat and vegetables spreads across the air.

Bedouin Tea & Coffee

A service of coffee and tea like no other. Climb into the camp of a Bedouin tents where you can either try one of your favorites, or experience the Tea Sharing experience, where your server brings 5 pots of different teas from the region, as well as complimenting tapas. Alcoholic specialty drinks are also available.

Sallah’s Tent & Traveler Gifts

Enter Sallah’s base tent in the Wadi Rum Desert. Gifts big and small are found here to remember your journey in helping Indiana Jones retrieve his latest discovery from the attraction: Indiana Jones and the Chase of Panama Hat.


The Jordan Pavilion not only is a place of adventure, but also embraces wondrous shopping and cuisine of the nation. As one of the top 5 safest countries to visit in the Middle East, and it’s beautiful history and landscape, Jordan is an spectacular choice to add to EPCOT World Showcase lineup.

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